Queer Zine-Making Project


Organized by Queer China UK and Dr. Hongwei Bao, Director of Research for the Department of Cultural, Media and Visual Studies at the University of Nottingham. Supported by the University of Nottingham AHRC IAA Funds.

Exploring the themes of identities, queerness, home(lessness), diaspora, community, self-care, heritage and more through zine making, crafting, conversation and pop-up exhibitions.

Collection #1 / Queering Chinatown Zines

Collection #2 / Visa Status and My Diasporic Story Zines

Collection #3 / Making LGBTQ+ History Zines

Collection #4 / Breaking the Vagina Taboo Zines

Contact us & Collaboration

If you would like to submit your zines to the collections of Queer China UK Zine Project, or to collaborate with us, please don’t hesitate to email us via queerchinauk@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

Exhibition #1

A to Zine Exhibition at Queer Circle, London / 12.01.2023-01.02.2023 /

We submitted some zine copies to the A to Zine Exhibition curated by Queer Circle. There you can find some zines produced by participants of Queering Chinatown Zine Making Workshops and by LGBTQ+ people living in China.

Thanks to our zine makers: SJ Zhang, Li Pei, Hannibai, Shooky, Pan Xin, Chen Qiuyan, Wang Qianlin, Mac, Wenjie Yin (@asian_catfish), Mon, Sofie Su跳格子, 阿民/Hot iceberg, 黄利利, Yang Yi.

Archive #2

Hackney Archives, London / Permanent Collection/

Queer China UK submitted copies of 9 zines to Hackney Archives. Please check them out if you are interested.

  • World without Barrier by Xiao Shu
  • Queer Botany by Annetta Tang
  • Year of the Rabbit by Yinuo Meng
  • LGBTQ+ in China: Past and Present by Dawn Li
  • Debauchery. Decolonise. Decriminalise. by L.T.Lee
  • A little history of LGBTQ+ Magazines in China & Welcome to Queer Chinatown by Qiuyan
  • Love Control, *anonymous
  • Chinatown LGBTQ-friendly guidebook by Pei Li

Exhibition #3

“Let Untold Stories Rise” Pop-up Zine Exhibition at London LGBTQ+ Community Center / 29.04.2023-28.05.2023 /

You are invited to delve into queer and feminist themes as varied as: Chinatown LGBTQ-friendly guidebook, Year of the Rabbit, World without Barrier, Queer Botany, LGBTQ+ in China: Past and Present, Debauchery Decolonise Decriminalise, A little history of LGBTQ+ Magazines in China, Love Control, 婊誌 Bitch Zine, Vagina Zine and many more! We hope you enjoy reading them.

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