Naturally Transqueerian Fantasies: Queering Everyday Materials – June 19


A Collection of Performance presented by The Mollusc Dimension


The pandemic forced us to stay at home, in fact, offering an opportunity for us to explore the possibility and the beauty of arts and creativity in the smallest details of our daily life. As the saying goes, Art is inspired by life. Art, in turn, influences life. Arts and crafts can function at mind mediating at the same time.

The Mollusc Dimension presents a performance lecture about the “worlds” for shows he created in the UK lockdown by exploring the significance of everyday materials with creativity and drawing audience to his “transqueerian” personal motivations behind escapist art-making: survival, connection and the wish to decolonise mental health and decolonise sensuality. Meanwhile, the performance also includes a live poetry reading, including I Just Want You to Know I Exist (2022) and Homegrown Zine (2020/2021), with a connection to nature, which he believes has relevance to other LGBTIQA+ people – i.e. in a transqueerian context. A “transqueerian mood” is created through his outfit and props/decor which conveys a sense of “nature”. Poetry-writing also functions as a coping mechanism for mental health issues.

Credit: Shaven Raven Designs


In spite of his parents’ best efforts, The Mollusc Dimension is a queer, trans-masc, non-binary, Chinese-British multi-hyphenate artist from London, via Essex. He proliferates surviveries – fantastical worlds; songs, poems, performances and zines. He is older than dial-up internet and longs for the possibility of futures for people like us. (Photo Credit: CapturedbyCorinne)


Dr TANG Ling is an artist academic who considers sociology as art and vice versa. She is now an RGC postdoc in the academy of film at Hong Kong Baptist University. Her research interests include Internet studies, Chinese studies, gender studies and innovative methods. Besides academic writing, she takes creative writing, music, photography and film as her art media. She is a solo singer-songwriter under the stage name Lyn Dawn.

Date: 19 June 2022 Sunday, 11am-12.20pm, UK Time | 12pm-1.20pm CEST  UTC+2| 6pm-7.20pm China Time | 6am-7.20am NY Time | 8pm-9.20pm Melbourne Time

Location: Zoom

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