2021 Queer Chinese Art Festival Archive


😻We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new project “Community-focused Queer Chinese Art Festival” which will run for months. 😻
🌈This project amplifies the voices and life experiences of emerging artists and talents through various events including film screenings, exhibitions, panel discussions, workshops, podcast, crafts, art fairs, mentorship, etc.
Art is for everyone!
We strive to amplify the voices of queer artists by providing opportunities and platforms for them and their fabulous works. It is also our goal to connect people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds to the world of art while supporting them to express themselves through art especially under the pressure of Covid-19. 
Safe Distance Documentary is a documentary & photography project created by Jamie Chi. Safe Distance interviewed 32 Chinese Queer living in the UK during the outbreak of Covid-19. Many of the artists taking part in this festival were interviewed in this film.
We are looking for partners who are willing to offer supports (e.g. venues, products, fund etc) for us to continue the Art Festival. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to DM us or reach out to us through email queerchineseartfestival@gmail.com. 

Queer Chinese Art Festival is committed to providing art experiences that are accessible to everyone. If you are interested in making this worthwhile donation, please make your payment through https://queerchinauk.com/contact/
🦄Free Entry. SIGN UP now via link https://reurl.cc/Dg5NAN🦄
Launched by Queer China UK. Curated by Jamie Chi and Qiuyan CHEN.
😻Thank Glass House Brick Lane and UK Black Pride for offering the venue and generous support.
Poster Designer: Xintong Zhang

Exhibition 28 Aug 2022-6 Sep 2022

Participating artists: Xintong Zhang, Jiaxi Wang, Qingyi Ren, Jamie Chi, SJ Zhang, Enxi Chang, Shiting Zheng, Wu Chen, Amy Hsu, Yifan Zhou, Ying Zeng.

Safe Distance Test Screening

Safe Distance is a documentary & photography project directed by Jamie Chi and produced by Qiuyan Chen. This project documents the pressure, discrimination, stereotypes, and struggles that the Chinese queer community confronts during the outbreak of Covid-19.

It also deserves to mention participating artists and performers in this year’s art festival are the production team of Safe Distance.

Links of Participating Artists and Performers:

Between Soho and Chinatown | SJ Zhang

Safe Distance | Jamie Chi

See My Gender | Qingyi Ren

The Spring I’ve Never Seen | Xintong Zhang

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